The Smart Bed Solution

Convert any bed into a Smart Bed

Touchless Health Monitoring for Life. Provides caregivers with a daily health monitoring service to help reduce falls, monitor heart rate and breathing rate, reduce the risk of bedsores and help manage chronic diseases without attaching anything to the monitored person.
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Now raft

Therapeutic Seat Cushions.  Patented ports & pillar design make the Posture Seat and the Wheelchair Seat the only seat cushions to promote air flow keeping you cooler.  Raft will make comfort & freedom your new norm.  Key features: Waterproof, weight distribution, posture and air flow.
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You care for patients, we care for data.

Relaymed is a universal point-of-care device connectivity solution for the physician
practice, which securely captures, stores and manages test results on the cloud and
seamlessly transfers data to the electronic health record (EHR).

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